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Dogs Country Club
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About Dogs Country Club:

  • Top rated facilities
  • We receive 5** review every 24 hours and are used by dog charities including Dog's Trust.
  • The leading dog service provider in the North West
  • Largest enclosed off-lead facility for dogs in the UK
'Country Style' Doggy Day Care'

We provide an outstanding day care experience where dogs are genuinely cared for as shown by the 1,500 five star reviews, more than any other Day Care in the North West. Fully licensed and insured with trained and qualified staff, recommended by vets  and industry professionals.

Secure Private Field Hire for Dogs

Thirteen acres of secure, natural 'meadow' fields with a private lake offer a fantastic off-lead experience for active dogs. There are six fields to hire including one that can be used as a scent field plus three outdoor and two indoor sand paddocks and a training field. The fields are open all year round, including weekends and bank holidays between 7am-7pm.

Off-Lead Play Dog Park

Play sessions are held in secure fields. The dog can play off-lead, have fun and run around. Off-lead sessions is like a dozen walks on a leash. It benefits dogs physically and provides mental stimulation and helps develop and improve your dog's socialisation skills. Small Dogs, Medium&Large Dogs, and Breed Clubs

Socialisation is an important aspect of your dog's development. Dogs are social creatures and benefit from mixing in the the group. Find your breed below and book your ticket: Beagle, Cockapoo, Dachshund, Dalmation, English, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Labrador, Retriever, Pointer, Schnauzer, Sled Dog, Spaniel, Vizsla, Whippet.


Our Training School delivers excellent dog training classes and 121 sessions. We offer outstanding support, excellent communication and feedback all through your journey at our school. When you buy a course SAVE £38 - FREE Doggy Day Care Voucher & 2 FREE off-lead play session passes. Puppy School, Obedience Training, Recall Training, Lead Walking, 121 training.

Bring your Puppy to a great Party! Saturdays at 1pm & Sundays at 11am. Puppy Party is a one-hour off-lead play session held in a secure environment. The aim of this session is to give your puppy ample opportunity to socialise with other puppies and to learn how to be a dog. The session is supervised by one of our experienced members of staff.

Grooming is essential for all dogs, regardless of age, breed, and fur type. A regular groom is beneficial to a dog’s health and well-being, allowing their coat and skin remain healthy. Brushing aids in coat ventilation through the removal of old, and damaged hair, whereas regular bathing can keep the levels of grease down on a dog’s skin, preventing pore blockages that lead to skin problems. Puppy's First Groom, Full Groom, Bath, Blow & Blow Dry

Classroom Base CPD Accredited Course. The course has been developed with vets and is ideal for anyone who owns or works with dogs. Trusted by thousands of dog owners and professionals to deliver dog first aid courses since 2013. Suitable for: Dog owners, Rescue workers, Dog handlers, Trainers, Behaviourists, Dog walkers, Dog sitters, Home boarders, Kennel owners, Groomers, Canicross leaders, Agility and ringwork participants.


At Dogs Country Club you can find a variety of play sessions for different breeds and sizes. Socialisation is great for dogs that love to play with other dogs or for friendly dogs that need to have a good run in a secure environment. Is your dog a rescue with a hazy background or perhaps you just aren't sure if your dog is a rough player or over-boisterous? This assesment is for you.

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    our twitterour facebook page linkdin youtubeinstagram
    Dogs North West Ltd Trading as Dogs Country Club
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