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Agility Club

Agility is a fun and dynamic sport that both you and your dog can enjoy together!

You can do agility from Fun classes up to competition level, growing yours and you dog's skills.

Agility will include jumps and tunnels to a fun level, once this is perfected, we will build up to contacts and weaves on a more advanced level.


Who can join?

Adult dogs and young dogs that have done an obedience class and have basic behaviours like Recall, Sit, Down, stay and the ability to concentrate in a class whilst around other dogs.

It is suitable to puppies older than 8months.

Dogs entering agility classes are required to be in good health, without lameness or other physical problems that will make impossible for them to enjoy the training.


The Benefits

Agility is an exciting and very popular dog sport to enjoy for fun and to compete in, some of the benefits include:

  • Building confidence
  • Improving your dog’s self-control
  • Off-lead control
  • Improved owner-dog communication
  • Improving balance & coordination
  • Forming a strong bond between dog and owner


Maximum number of dogs in the session:


Things that you need to bring:

  • High Value Treats (Chicken, cheese, ham etc)
  • A toy (One that your dog can tug)
  • A standard lead, collar. You are welcome to use a harness or halti. But strictly no slip leads, or check collars.


Agility Taster Session

Join us in the first level of agility that is Fun Agility. This is a one-off 1hour session that will give you a taste of what agility is all about, plus it’s some fun training for you and your dog!

Following the Agility Taster Session, you will have the option to move to the Beginners Agility where your skills will be polished and you will learn new tools to make sure you and your dog will improve ready to move to Intermediate class when we will start introducing proper weaves and contact! ​​​​

Next Dates

  • Sunday 1st September at 2pm
  • Sunday 8th September at 2pm


Agility Beginners Course

Agility Beginners will include jumps and tunnels, we include some Fun foundation games to prepare you for the next level and to increase your dog’s thinking skills, desire to work with you and obedience.  From there you can build up to contacts (dog walk, A Frame & seesaw) and weaves on a more advanced level.

Next Dates

  • Sunday 15th September at 10am


Agility Intermediate Course

Agility Intermediate will continue to build on the skills that you have learned on the beginner’s course. We will be tying these skills together in order for you to be able to complete a full agility sequence which will include using the jumps, tunnels, dog walk, A frame & seesaw in a confident manner.

Next Dates

  • Sunday 15th September at 11am 



Agility Taster Session - £12 per dog

Agility Beginners Course (8 weeks) - £80 Per dog 

Agility Intermediate Course (8 weeks) - £80 Per dog 

How to book:

To book, simply email or call us at: 


Please note that we do not offer refunds for booked courses. We will always try to offer you an alternative class to attend if for whatever reason you are unable to attend. 

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