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Residential Dog Training

Unruly behaviour or reactivity in our four-legged friends demands more than a basic obedience class can offer. For owners grappling with persistent dog behaviour issues, residential dog training emerges as the titanic amongst dog-training solutions. It offers a deep-dive, immersive transformation that is tailored, personalised, and effective—like a canine boot camp preparing pets for a life of well-rounded citizenship.

In an environment where your dogs behaviour is proving challenging or even a little dangerous, our residential training provides you with both support and peace of mind. 

What exactly is Residential Dog Training? 

Think of our Residential dog training like a finishing school of the canine world. It involves your dog boarding with us at Dogs Country Club where they recieve a bespoke program of one-on-one training tailored to your needs. Our Training Team are seasoned professionals and they all work together to create the transformation which your fur-family needs. We troubleshoot behavioral problems and we create positive change that circumnavigates the comfort zones of both the pet and the owner.

We also offer Residential Day Care as a presciption for certain behviour issues which shorter burts of training with us and a doggy day care family are enough. With this your dog will experience our pack at day care under the guidance and supervision of our Dog Trainers for 2 hours.  

Why Choose our Residential Dog Training?

Do you have a hectic lifestyle or an untrainable pup?

If your weekdays are packed and you find yourself on the fringes of patience with persistent behavioral hiccups, residential training could be the breathing room you both need. This is especially true for canines that exhibit severe aggression, fear of certain circumstances or individuals, separation anxiety, or displays of unbridled boisterousness that has suddenly become unmanageable.

A Professional Partnership

The residential training programs at the Dogs Country Club revolves on a professional partnership between trainers and pets, with a dash of owner involvement. It's a holistic and immersive development session that not only focuses on reshaping behaviour but also recalibrates temperament through comprehensive training practices, specialised environments, and customised attention.

At Dogs Country Club we believe that our training is all about empowering them to be the catalyst in transforming behavioral glitches into social graces. And for an owner and doggy parent, you'll witness the unfolding of confidence, compliance, and contentment in your beloved pack member.

If you find yourself at a behavioral crossroads with your furbaby, residential dog training might just be the perfect answer. This could be the most liberating decision you make for your dog, yourself, and your lifestyle together.

What Next?

Book your Dog Training and Behaviour Consultation with our team of certified canine behaviourists. During our initial consultation, we will take the time to understand your dog's history and any current behaviour issues. We believe that understanding the root cause of a behaviour problem is crucial in creating an effective modification plan. Our team will then work with you to develop a personalised action plan that suits your lifestyle and goals.

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