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Trick Training Workshop 

What are the tricks?

Exciting and fun exercises that your dog will love performing for you and you will amaze your friend with your performance!

Tricks for Christmas! Get ready to impress friends and family for Christmas with fun tricks! Teach your dog to:

- Wear a hat
- Help you with Christmas Decorations
- Sit pretty
- Dance with you
- Jump the hula hoop
- Dance the tip tap
- And many more!

Why do tricks training? It’s great for relationship building, to keep your dog busy especially through winter when outside is dark and cold! Tricks training will improve obedience skills and focus on you while training rewarding and fun exercises for both your and your dog. Also you can have a little project to show your friends and family during Christmas holidays!

The workshop will teach you and your dogs how to learn together some fun tricks like:

- weave between your legs

- hight five

- roll over

- play dead

- sit between your legs

- bow

- spin

- nose touch

- jump over your leg.

- and many more, depending on the level of your dog.

Why teaching tricks to your dog?

- it's relationship building

- mental stimulation, in the house or on the walk

- confidence building for shy dogs

- good for building focus on the owner

- showing off with friends!

Who is the workshop for?

A dog that has done a basic obedience class or puppy class, dogs older than 6 months.

Bring a lot of treats, toys, a longer lead to be able to have your dog working free around you if needed, a clicker if you use it.

The cost only £30 Plus VAT (£36 inc VAT).


  • Saturday 17th November 12pm-2pm.

How long is the Workshop?

2 hours

How Many places availabe ?

maximum number is 6 places

How to book:

To book, simply email or call us at: 




The Cost?

The cost only £30 +VAT (£36 including VAT)



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