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Retriever Club

When is the next club meet?

  • 2nd February 12pm - 2pm.
  • 1st March  12pm - 2pm
  • 5th April 12pm-2pm


Off lead play session is like a dozen walks on a leash

  • exercise and Playtime
  • swimming Tires a Dog Out
  • stimulation
  • secure fields
  • safe and friendly environment 
  • off lead play date
  • socialisation
  • health and fitness 
  • helps to control weight 
  • confidence building 
  • physical and mental stimulation 
  • calmer companion

Retriever Club @Country Club
Chesapeake Bay Retriever. 
Curly Coated Retriever.
Flat-Coated Retriever. 
Golden Retriever.
Labrador Retriever. 
Irish Water Spaniels (Kennel Club Event Classification retriever gundog)
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.
Labradoodles and retriever cross breeds welcome to join the play session. 

We offer regular events and fun activities for both you and your dog to enjoy. Lake for swimming and secure field available for off lead play perfect for retrievers, to swim, play and socialize!

 The session is off-lead for all the dogs so they can play ball, have fun and run around, in a friendly and secure environment.

Socialisation is so important for your dog's development. Dogs are social creatures and benefit from mixing in groups. Puppies and young dogs learn many social skills at these gatherings - watching, listening and copying others in the group. Older dogs can benefit from that extra bit of excitement and stimulation - helping them to stay young at heart and fitter for longer. Plus teaching those youngsters how to behave! 

Meeting up with the gang is exactly what many dogs enjoy doing. So, join in the fun and let your dog learn to be........a happy, sociable dog!

**NOTE only friendly and sociable dogs are welcome.

If you are not sure whether your dog can benefit from socializing please book a socializing assessment with us. 




Per dog, per session, per one household: £5 first dog, £5 second dog, no cost for the third and  the fourth dog.


  • All prices includes VAT
  • Complimentary Tea and Coffee
  • Use of the Bar n(note the Barn is the public area, and other customers are allowed to use it as well)
  • Free Parking
  • Field Hire for above hours
  • Warm water to wash your dog before you put it back into the car.
  • Bathroom facilities.

Dogs Country Club offers fun and friendly play dates for boxers in Secure fields for off lead socialisation and play time. 

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