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Reactive Dog Weekly Classes

About the class.

It's a class that will take in consideration your previous training with your reactive dog and will be structured around your dog's special needs.

It's a weekly class for dogs that struggle to have normal walks and some more free time in a controlled environment around other dogs.

The class is structured with an initial sum-up theory of your week when we will discuss struggles, progress and experiences.

We will then work the dogs in one of our many spaced out fields in order to make your dog comfortable and give you the chance to work in a calm and controlled environment.

Dogs in this class will be on the lead every time and when ready on a long line. 

There won't be any interaction between dogs that could cause fights or damage to dogs and or people, everything will be controlled and safe.

What will I and my dog learn?

  • lead walking, “engage and disengage game”, U turns and set up for lead walking
  • tricks training and shaping behaviours to teach your dog to offer alternative behaviours
  • boundaries games and self control games to work on impulse control
  • long line work: recalls games and focus games
  • strategies for your walks
  • teaching your dog to offer relaxed behaviours using our stooge dogs 
  • clicker training for a better understanding between you and your dog
  • toy play for a better relationship and fun


What are the benefits?

This is not a normal obedience class.

Our reactive dogs obedience class will help you and your dog handling reactivity and changing behaviours that are making your walks and your life difficult:


  •          You will be practising exercises around other dogs in a real but controlled environment
  •         you will have weekly support and advices for your training week
  •         you will work with people that understand your struggles and will share their experiences with you
  •          you will learn ways to help your dog with the right gear, the right treats and modern training techniques
  •         you will learn more about behaviours and dog body language
  •         you will learn how to use only positive reinforced training method to help your dog 


Who can join the class?

In order to have a successful group of dogs working calmly and make the most of our class, you will have to join a workshop or do some 121 with our trainers in order to have some reactive dogs training skills in your training tools.

If you have done previous training with another instructor an assessment will be required in order to be able to join classes.



How long is the Class?

1 hour every week for 6 consecutive weeks.

How much it cost?

The cost only £72 (£12 per week, per dog, per session).

To secure your place please pay a non refundable £50 deposit, then there is just £22 left to pay by the 4th week of the course!

Next start dates:

  • awaiting the date please email to 



How to book:

To book, simply email or call us at: 



If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information.

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