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Dogs Country Club "Puppy Club Package"

New Puppy needs attention and qualified support, good monitoring and acess to the right information! Join Ulimited Passes to the Puppy Party. Have you got questions about the toilet training or maybe when to take for a walks etc? Puppy Party is for you.

Puppy School block of 8 classes 1 hour each. At the Puppy School every Puppy has to learn loads of important things and will have to pass little exam to ensure he is fully ready for Graduation Day.

Puppy Socialization is supervised off lead puppy play!

Dogs Country Club
191 Slag Lane,

How to book:

To book, simply email or call us at: 


Puppy School

  • home training, toilet duties, dressing up to going out.
  • handling your dog for cleaning and grooming duties
  • puppy recalls
  • basic position: sit and down
  • how to play, as play is an important part of your relationship with your dog
  • rules for walking on lead paying attention to you
  • socialization with other puppies and dogs: how to do it right!
  • exposure to different situation for a confident and well socialized dog in the future
  • dog body language

Puppy Party

  • House and Toilet Training
  • Crate Training, why is it useful?
  • Feeding and Treats
  • How to get them use to collar, harness and lead
  • Handling and Grooming
  • Daily Routine, what to do and what to avoid?
  • Socialization, how to do it right
  • Body Language, what is your puppy telling you. 


Socializing your dog is extremely important @ Dogs Country Club Puppy Supervised Socialization Class will help your puppy to have safe experience and quality time with other puppies.

Please note that we do not offer refunds for booked courses. We will always try to offer you an alternative class to attend if for whatever reason you are unable to attend. 

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    Dogs Country Club
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