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About The Team

Martina Miradoli

Chief Training Instrustor

“Outstanding, highly recommended by professionals within the industry”

Martina Miradoli joined the Dogs Country Club in 2015 as our Chief Training Instructor. Martina has a passion for working with dogs and their owners, and using the skills and knowledge she has gained through over 9 years of training, studying canine behavior and competing with her own 3 dogs at both Obedience and Agility, to coordinate training sessions and support our customers in many different ways.

Martina has been trained by international professionals from a variety of backgrounds, such as: Irene Unkauf; Nicola Giraudi; John Ekloff, just to name a few. She has also completed a multitude of online courses and academies, which includes:

  • Lauran Langman and Tom Mitchell’s ‘Absolute Dogs
  • Susan Garret's ‘H360
  • Jakko and Janita's ‘One mind Dog’

Martina Miradoli is a member at CSEN ‘National Educational Sport Center’and fully qualified Dog Trainer for CSEN, an accredited Instructor by Alexa Capra “Gentle Team” behavior specialist, LLAAI Level 4 Instructor (Lauren Langman Accredited Agility Instructor Course) and Competitive Obedience trainer.  Qualified dog trainer by M&M Dog Trainer in Italy under the CSEN CONI.

Martina specializes on workshops, training camps, puppy classes, obedience for pets, competitive obedience, competitive agility; she works with reactive dogs at all levels, and can also provide outstanding 1-2-1 training with you and your dog.


Please note

At Dogs Country Club we only use positive training methods and will not allow the use of any of the following:

  • choke chains
  • shock collars
  • citronella collars
  • pinch collars

We do accept and encourage the use of:

  • flat collars
  • harnesses
  • head collars


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